Panasonic - Pro ER-SC40-K803 - Trimmer

Panasonic - Pro ER-SC40-K803 - Trimmer
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Brand: Panasonic
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Panasonic - Pro ER-SC40-K803 - TrimmerJapanese knife technology of the latest cut together with an ultra-fast linear motor provides unbeatably comfortable shaving.The speed of the new blades is surprisingly high. Experience comfortable and efficient function even with dense and thick hair growth. Conventional: Because the leaves are V-shaped, the space between them becomes tight and the hairs are pressed down before they are cut off. New: The comb-shaped leaves have a wider gap - which means that more straws are cut in each stroke.This is the first time that a standard consumer beard trimmer comes with an ultra-fast linear motor. The result is a fast, soft trimmer that does not chop, even with dense and thick beard growth. * 1 applies to electric beard trimmer for home use. (June 12, 2017,? Panasonic’s own data.) Constant cutting speed until you finish? The linear motor continues to operate at maximum power until the battery runs out. It provides a softer and more efficient cut all the way to the end. * 2 Panasonic’s graphic model is an illustration.The quick turn adjustment has 38 different positions from 1.0 - 10 mm - in steps of 0.5 mm, which makes it easier to trim the hair growth to the desired length (without accessories: 0.5 mm). Attach the accessory and set the desired length. Now you are ready to trim your hair in a variety of ways.Panasonic develops the Japanese art of making exceptionally sharp and strong sword blades by applying the latest technology in the manufacture of knife blades of outstanding quality. These are knife blades that can only be manufactured by Panasonic. Sharp, exceptionally sharp and durable. This is in all respects absolutely? Finest craftsmanship at master’s level.EU PowerplugEAN: 5025232867363 / ER-SC40-K803