Panasonic - Epilator ES-EL2A

Panasonic - Epilator ES-EL2A
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Brand: Panasonic
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Get silky soft skin for longer time with this flexible epilator from Panasonic.An epilator is an effective hair removal product with tweezers, which removes the hair at the roots. That way, you get smoother legs for longer than if you use a classic scraper. This epilator from Panasonic has a head that is 30% wider, and can also move 90 degrees to follow your body’s shapes. It has a double disc system, 60 tweezers and three different speeds, so you get the most optimal shave for the exact body part you are removing hair from. It is also ideal for both wet and dry peeling, so you can also use it in the shower.Features:Head: The EL series has a 30% wider epilation head than standard epilators. This means that there is room for 60 tweezers. More tweezers means a smoother skinFlexible: The electric series is designed to access hard-to-reach places. Therefore, the head can move 90 degrees and can follow the shapes of the body close to the skin.Wet & Dry: The EL series is completely waterproof and you can use it in the bath or shower. Hair removal is easier because the skin becomes softer with warm water.Accessories: Three different accessories give you a softness that lasts longer. A multifunctional head for arms and legs, a practical storage bag and cleaning brushEAN: 5025232873951 / ES-EL2A-A503