Panasonic - ER-SB40 Beard Trimmer

Panasonic - ER-SB40 Beard Trimmer
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Brand: Panasonic
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Panasonic - ER-SB40 Beard TrimmerJapanese knife blade technology of the latest cut together with an ultra-fast linear motor provides unbeatably comfortable shaving.Effectively captures straws that lie flat and makes it easier to get beard contours with a smooth and straight finish. Conventional: The knife edge is narrower so hairs that lie along the skin - get away and become harder to catch. New: The knife edge is wider so that they catch more hairs at a time - and lift up strands that are curly or lie flat against the skin.The quick rotation setting has 19 different positions from 1.0 - 10 mm - in steps of 0.5 mm, which makes it easier to trim the beard to the desired length (without accessories: 0.5 mm). Attach the accessory and set the desired length. Now you are ready to trim your beard in a variety of ways.Panasonic develops the Japanese art of making exceptionally sharp and strong sword blades by applying the latest technology in the manufacture of knife blades with exceptionally high quality. These are knife blades that can only be manufactured by Panasonic. Sharp, exceptionally sharp and durable. This is in all respects absolutely the finest craftsmanship at master’s level.EU PowerplugEAN: 5025232867356 / ER-SB40-K803