UV Sterilizer w. QI Wireless Charger for Smartphones (04981)

UV Sterilizer w. QI Wireless Charger for Smartphones (04981)
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Brand: Mikamax
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“Effectively sterilize all small items” is what manufacturers say, but do not get good ideas now, right? It is for phones, keys and something like that that it’s made for.UV sterilizer works both as a wireless charger and as, of course, a sterilizer and calm the f-down; it has nothing to do with your ability to have more children. There you need a trip to the doctor, but do not refer to Coolshop.The product here is pretty smart! Should the mobile be charged overnight, or are you one of the many who put the keys and new place every time you come home, then this may be the solution. You can at the same time, without fear of bacteria (or for some other crazy reason), lick on what has been lying there, because it is completely clean, but really just let go of it. Or do it. It’s your thing, so you decide.Back to product. You set the time for how long you want the UV rays to sterilize and then you close the lid, because otherwise nothing happens.Product informationPower: 10W wireless chargingInput: USB-CIncludes: USB-C cable, manualMaterial: ABS (the type of plastic that LEGO uses)