Philips - Beard Trimmer BT7500/15

Philips - Beard Trimmer BT7500/15
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Brand: Philips
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Philips Beard Trimmer BT7500/15With Philips Beardtrimmer Series 7000, you won’t have to clean up your bathroom after trimming your beard. The built-in suction function, now with even better performance and 50% * higher airflow, captures up to 95% of the cut beard straw **. Choose from 20 different length settings and get a trimming that is always sharp and precise. This model includes a precision trimmer and a trimming combPhilips’ best solution for great trimmingCatches cut beards20 lengths from 0.5 to 10 mm “Self-sharpening leaves75 min. cordless use after 1 hour of chargingGuaranteed minor cleanup with the built-in suction functionTrim the beard, mustache, and tray bars without hogging the sink. The powerful suction feature, which now has 50% stronger airflow *, captures as much as 95% of the cut beard straw **, allowing you to style the beauty of the hair without getting hair in the entire bathroom.Raises lying beard to the optimal cut positionThe trimmer’s built-in Lift & Trim PRO system lifts each strand of hair up to the optimum position for perfect and smooth trimming with a single stroke. This feature makes trimming faster and smoother and more precise. “Cutting unit: Knives in stainless steelLength settings: 0.5 up to 10 mmPrecision (range): 0.5 mmNumber of length settings: 20 integrated length settingsZoom ring: Easy adjustment of length settingsDisplay: Battery capacity indicatorOperation: Use with and without cordCleaning: Blades and screens can be rinsed5 min charging: YesColour BlackOperating time: Up to 75 minutesCharging: Full charge in 1 hourBattery type: NiMHEUpowerplug