DON ONE Lifestyle - TWS110 BLACK

DON ONE Lifestyle - TWS110 BLACK
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Brand: DON ONE
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DON ONE Lifestyle - TWS110 (Black) With a low price, the popular earbuds have become available for everyone, without compromising on the sound, functionality and design. Do you need a pair of sleek wireless earbuds with an extremely well-known design? Hop on the trend and let the music lead you in your everyday life.They have landed. In its Lifestyle series, DON ONE has introduced a new line of earbuds. TWS110 is one of the newest releases, and the model is produced in a white design that you may have seen before. A design that you can now buy without having to rob a bank. The battery gives you up to 3 hours of music in one charge, and the smart case charges your earbuds up to 3 times. This gives you up to 9 hours of music on the go. The sound is unmistakable. DON ONE has taken the quality up a notch in TWS110. The base is heavy, the vocals are perfect and the tones will make you dance with joy. TWS110 from DON ONE Lifestyle have the newest bluetooth technology (V5.0) that guarantees no delays from your phone to your earbuds. The sound is transmitted perfectly clear, and you can move up to 10 meters away from your phone, which is practical, if you like to listen to music when you are cleaning, for example. The earbuds have buttons, so you can easily play, pause, and change songs on the go. The buttons are easily accessible and let you take calls as well. Specifications:True Wireless StereoBluetooth V5.0Easy button controlBattery life: Up to 3 hours300 mAh lithium battery in the case: Charges your earbuds 3 timesRange: 10 meters from your phoneIn the box:DON ONE Lifestyle - TWS110 (Black)Sleek black color case that charges your earbuds on the goMicro USB cable for charging the case User manual