Wahl - Home Pro 300 Serie Hair Clipper (9247‐1316)

Wahl - Home Pro 300 Serie Hair Clipper (9247‐1316)
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Brand: Wahl
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If you want to cut evenly and precisely every time you cut, then you should choose this hair clipper with cord and self-sharpening precision cutter. The cord gives you constant power on the hair clipper so you do not have to pause to charge it. The self-sharpening insert can last for a long time and retain its sharpness if you regularly remember to apply cutting oil (a bottle of cutting oil is included). When you want to achieve very short hairstyles, you can use the hair clipper completely without spacers. It allows you to cut all the way down to 1 mm. But you can also make other exciting hairstyles in different lengths if you put one of the included spacers on the hair clipper. It gives you lots of variation options that only your creativity sets limits to. You also get both a comb and scissors for the hair clipper. The hair clipper comes in a practical storage case, which you can use to keep track of both the hair clipper and the accessories.Benefits:Cutting width 45 mmMinimum cutting distance 1 mm8 spacers: 3 - 6 - 10 - 13 - 16 - 19 - 22 - 25 mmIntegrated click systemWire-basedElectromagnetic vibration motorSelf-sharpening precision insertsThe set contains:Cutting protectorCleaning brushComb oilScissorCombStorage case