Philip Kingsley - Elasticizer 500 ml

Philip Kingsley - Elasticizer 500 ml
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Brand: Philip Kingsley
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Super caring pre-shampoo treatment that gives elasticity, control, fullness and shine to all hair types.With frequent use of this Elasticizer from Philip Kingsley, your hair is left stronger and healthier with fewer breaks. The product is created with a multi-award winning formula. Elasticizer was the world’s first pre-shampoo cure that works in depth and is full of effective ingredients like Castor Oil and Hydrolyzed Elastin that rehydrates your hair. It is suitable for all hair types and will give your hair strength and suppleness as well as protect against everyday styling routines such as brushing, blow drying and heat styling.Application:Apply before washing with shampooMoisten your hair with water and apply Elasticizer in middle lengths and endsNow cover your hair with a bathing cap or towelThe heat helps to open your hair strands so that they can absorb nutrients correctly and efficientlyLet sit for at least 20 minutesThere is no maximum time - you can even sleep with Elasticizer in your hairRinse thoroughly, then shampoo and conditioner as usual (those with fine hair should use shampoo twice)Suitable for use in colored hairNote: Do not use Elasticizer 72 hours before or after coloring your hair, as this may affect how the color develops during this period.Advantage:Fantastic pre-shampoo cure from Philip KingsleyDeep conditioning; adds elasticity, shine, fullness and makes hair more manageableHydrolyzed Elastin is a protein that penetrates your hair strands and increases its elasticity without weighing down your hairGives hair strength so it breaks lessCastor Oil helps the hair retain moisture in the hair fibersOlive oil contains high amounts of vitamin E and essential fatty acids that give the hair moisture and nourishmentGlycerin helps your hair retain moisture as well as makes the hair soft and lovelyParaben- and fragrance-free