Silverlit - X-Twin Evo Plane

Silverlit - X-Twin Evo Plane
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Brand: Silverlit
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Live out your airborne dreams with this remote-controlled aircraft. Take your ambitions to the skies with this Silverlit X-Twin Evo plane.Do you ever dream of conquering the skies in an airplane? We do not sell real airplanes, but this remote-controlled Silverlit X-Twin Evo plane is an excellent alternative. One of the things that makes this aircraft particularly popular is its simplicity and ease of use. Therefore, this is the ideal remote-controlled aircraft for novices who have just begun their pilot career. It also means that this plane is the perfect gift for the person who dreams of becoming a real RC pilot.The airplane is assembled in advance, so you avoid the hassle of having to build such a machine from scratch. You can take the plane directly out of the package and begin your take-off. Don’t worry if you aren’t the best pilot beforehand, as the aircraft is made of a soft foam rubber-like material, which means that it can withstand various air accidents. You start the plane by throwing it in the direction of the wind and then you are off.Product information:The Silverlit X-twin Evo is a radio-controlled aircraftMade of soft and flexible foam rubber-like materialSuitable for both small and large aviation enthusiastsThe remote control also acts as a charger for the RC aircraft’s supplied Li-PO battery.