Philips - Performer Silent Vacuum Cleaner /w Bag FC8780/09

Philips - Performer Silent Vacuum Cleaner /w Bag FC8780/09
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Brand: Philips
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Maximum performance, minimum sound - Picks-up and locks >99.99%* of dust and allergensA clean floor makes a healthier home. The new Philips Performer Silent features advanced nozzle technology to capture dirt and fine dust thoroughly, for a healthy environment. At 66 dB, it is also our most silent vacuum cleaner ever.Superior performanceHigh performance with low energy consumptionTriActive Pro nozzle picks up finest dust for a deeper cleanParquet nozzle protects floors from scratchingEffortless cleaningVacuum anytime in silence, without disturbing anyoneLong 12-meter reach goes further without unpluggingLarge 4-liter capacity means fewer bag changesSoft brush integrated into handle, always ready to useAllergy friendlyAllergy Filter captures 99.9% of all dust - ECARF certifiedEasy s-bags last up to 50% longerQuality you can trustMade in Europe, for quality you can trustPerformanceEnergy efficiency rating: A+Dust re-emission class: ACarpet cleaning class: BHard floor cleaning class: AInput power (IEC): 650 WSound power level: 66 dBEU PowerplugUsabilityAction radius: 12 mCarrying handle: Top and frontCord length: 9 mDust full indicatorTube type: Metal 2-piece telescopic tubeWheel type: RubberTube coupling: SmartLockPower control: Electronic on applianceDesignColor: Louros BlueFiltrationDust bag type: s-bag Ultra Long PerformanceDust capacity: 4 LExhaust filter: Allergy filterMotor filter: MicrofilterNozzles and accessoriesAccessories included: Crevice tool, Small nozzle, Integrated brushAdditional nozzle: Parquet nozzleStandard nozzle: TriActive ProSustainabilityPackaging: > 90% recycled materialsUser manual: 100% recycled paper