Philips Hue - E14 2-Pack Bulb - White Ambience - Bluetooth

Philips Hue - E14 2-Pack Bulb - White Ambience - Bluetooth
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Brand: Philips
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Simple intelligent lightingUse the 2 intelligent candle-shaped bulbs with warm white to cooldaylight that helps you relax, read, concentrateor get energy. Control the light instantly using Bluetoothor pair with a Hue Bridge, to access allfunctions.Simple intelligent lighting• Operate up to 10 light sources with the Bluetooth app• Control the light sources with your voice *• Create the right mood with warm to cool white light• Get perfect lighting solutions for your daily activities• Access all intelligent lighting features with HueBridgeOperate up to 10 light sources with Bluetooth appWith the Hue Bluetooth app you can operate your intelligent Hue light sources in one single room in your home. Add up to 10intelligent light sources, and operate them all with a single tap of yours smartphoneThe bulb• Color temperature: 2200K-6500K• Diameter: 39 mm• Energy label: A +Base: E14• Form factor: B39• Height: 117 mm• Input voltage: 220V-240V• Lifespan: 25,000 t• Light output:> 80 CRI, From hot to coldwhite color, 2,200 K - 6,500 K• Light output: 470 ch @ 4,000 K• Max. power consumption during operation: 5.2 W• Max. standby power consumption: 0.5 W• Number of ignition cycles: 50,000• Nominal service life: 25,000 t• Can be upgraded via software: with connection to Hue bridge• Watt consumption equivalent: 40 W• Communication protocol: Bluetooth and Zigbee• Dimmable: Yes• Can be upgraded via software: Ved connection to the Bluetooth app or Hue BridgeWhat is included?Hue bulbs: 2What is supported• Philips Hue app: iOS 11 and later, Android 7.0 and later• Voice control: Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit (Via Hue Bridge), Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana (Via Hue Bridge)• Philips Hue Bluetooth app: Android 7.0 and later, iOS 11 and laterEAN: 8718699726355 / 929002294402