Philips - 2000 Series Humidifier

Philips - 2000 Series Humidifier
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Brand: Philips
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Breathe effortlessly, sleep safelyThe Philips Air Humidifier 2000 series adds pure moisture to dry environments, creating quiet and hygienically comfortable, healthy air throughout the home. NanoCloud evaporation technology spreads 99% fewer bacteria than ultrasonic• Breathe effortlessly, sleep safely• Moisturizes dry air hygienically day and night• Up to 32 m2• Spreads 99% fewer bacteria *• Hibernation for silent operationHelps maintain skin moisture and helps reduce itchingNanoCloud technology uses a natural, hygienic evaporation process to ensure optimal performance. Dry air is drawn into the unit, after which clean, nano-sized water molecules are added to the air, so that humidified air is emitted into the room. It helps you maintain skin moisture and reduces itching (especially during the winter months).Pure nanomolecules leave no white marks or wet spotsPure nanomolecules leave no white marks or wet spotsWith its 360 ° design, the humidifier distributes the humidified air evenly around the room and prevents wet stains on floors or surfaces. At the same time, NanoCloud technology reduces the risk of minerals spreading in the air, thus preventing white marks on furniture and surfaces.Technical specificationsRoom size: Up to 32 m2Humidification rate: 200 ml / hRecommended filter life: 6 monthsNoise level:> 34 dBFeaturesNanoCloud technology: YesHumidity sensor: YesAir quality feedback: NumericalFan speed: 3SettingsAuto and sleepTimer: 1 ~ 9 time (s)Ean: 8710103941996 / HU2718/10Eupowerplug