Bosch - Indego 350 Mowing Robot S+ (E)

Bosch - Indego 350 Mowing Robot S+ (E)
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Brand: Bosch - Do it yourself
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The personal robotic lawn mower for beautiful gardens that works at the touch of a single buttonThe intelligent and self-contained Indego S + 350 robotic lawnmower is the perfect solution for beautiful gardens without the hassle. After a quick installation that only needs to be done once, Indego is ready to use, making mowing even easier. It calculates the most efficient mowing route using LogiCut, and it utilizes the battery efficiently, saving energy. The SmartMowing feature uses the latest weather forecast to schedule clipping at the right time, in the right weather, for the best result. Get simple and convenient lawn mowing with Indego’s own app, which makes managing the mower even easier.Intelligent navigation systemThe intelligent LogiCut navigation system calculates the most efficient cutting route, so Indego knows exactly where to cut. It changes the mowing direction to prevent permanent tracks, keeping the lawn healthy and lush.Remote control regardless of locationYou can easily manage your Indego: The app has a user-friendly design to make it easier and faster to manage your Indego wherever you are. Simply install the app to communicate with Indego at the touch of a buttonBox contents: Indego S+ 350, battery 100 m boundary wire 140 fixing nails, charging station 4 fixing screws 1 cable connector Power supply, boxEU PowerplugEAN: 3165140828253 / 06008B0100