Philip Kingsley - One More Day Dry Shampoo 200 ml

Philip Kingsley - One More Day Dry Shampoo 200 ml
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Brand: Philip Kingsley
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Delay your hair wash with this wonderful dry shampoo with an award-winning formula. The dry shampoo from Philip Kingsley is an ultra-fine, lightweight spray that refreshes and soothes the scalp. It reduces dirt, oil and odors and absorbs excess sebum. The scalp-friendly ingredients help keep flakes and irritation away. The dry shampoo also creates volume and texture for the hair. Application: Shake the bottle thoroughly before use Hold the bottle about 30 cm from the hair and spray on the hair roots Let the product sit for 10 seconds and massage into the scalp and hair Brush your hair and follow up with your favorite styling procedure Advantage: A dry shampoo that is also good for the scalp The scalp will feel refreshed and cared for Provides texture and volume Soothes and clears the scalp of dirt Leaves hair ready for another day