Gardena - Robotic Lawnmower - Afgrænsningskabel 150m (E)

Gardena - Robotic Lawnmower - Afgrænsningskabel 150m (E)
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Brand: Gardena
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Cut here: Definition of the lawn mowing area with the robotic lawnmowerOnce the GARDENA boundary wire is installed, the GARDENA robotic lawnmower immediately starts mowing grass. You get the 150 m long boundary wire when you buy the robotic lawnmower. For larger areas, you can customize the boundary wire and simply add the desired length. The same wire also acts as a guide wire and shows the robotic lawnmower back to the charging station. Only use the original GARDENA connector to splice two boundary wire.Technical specificationsItem no. 4088-20EAN-Code: 4078500408806