Danalock - V3 Scandi With Bluetooth Technology

Danalock - V3 Scandi With Bluetooth Technology
Categories: CR123A Batteries
Brand: Danalock
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Danalock - V3 Scandi BluetoothDanalock V3 - Scandi - BT Danalock is produced in Denmark and has just been released in a 3rd version, so it has become faster, lasts longer and has become a bit smaller. Installation: Danalock is easily installed by replacing the rotor in the lock on the inside of the door. Then you can lock your door up and in from within the app or a button. From the outside, you can unlock the door with your app or key as you have done before. Useful info: Lock when you approach the home, it can automatically lock the door and lokc it up when you come back home. You do not have to be home when the craftsmen or the cleaning lady gets past, it’s possible to give them access via the app and you can keep an eye on when it’s locked up and in.Material: Aluminum Battery life: Approx. 1,5 year (Being warned via App) Battery: Uses 4 pcs CR123A - Included Technology: BluetoothEAN: 5712560000509SKU: 01032004