Beurer - EM 22 Muscle Booster - 3 Years Warranty

Beurer - EM 22 Muscle Booster - 3 Years Warranty
Categories: CR2032 Coin Cells
Brand: Beurer
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Perfect introduction for all EMS enthusiastsFit at last! Support your muscle training using the EM 22 EMS pad. Using EMS technology, you can train your stomach, arms and legs in a targeted manner.EMS sixpack pad for application on the stomachEMS arm/leg pad for use on arms and legsFlexible and soft silicone materialElectrosimulation of the abdominal muscles and arm/leg musclesThree-part EMS pad set1 x sixpack pad and 2 x arm/leg padAutomatic switch-offAdjustable intensity (15 levels)Incl. one self-adhesive gel film per EMS padProduct designation Digital TENS/EMS unitBatteries 3 x 3V CR2032 batteryElectrodes 3Adjustable intensity yesSafety switch-off yesUse Abdominal muscles and arm/leg musclesCE yesWarranty in years 3Ean: 4211125646646 / EM022