SOLO - Garage opener Solo2

SOLO - Garage opener Solo2
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Brand: SOLO
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SOLO Garage Opener Solo2 10 UsersManage 4 gates or garagesUp to 10 usersPurchase additional users from the appShare, revoke and control accessesBattery powered, no wires to be connectedThe “1Control” App is freeControl of an automationSOLO is able to copy the automation remote control and therefore to control it behaving like the original remote control. It is able to copy all fixed-coded remote controls and most rolling-code remote controls, in the 433.0 MHz to 868.0 MHz frequency bands, using the AM and FM modulations. The old low-frequency remote controls, called quartz, are not compatible.The complete list of compatible remote controls is available on the 1Control website or in the Complete Guide. To control an automation, it is sufficient to copy a single remote control, it is not necessary to copy the remote controls of all users.SOLO communicates with smartphone using the Bluetooth LE 4 protocol. Therefore it is not necessary to have an Internet connection to open gate and garage.Operating conditionsSOLO is resistant to atmospheric agents, is rainproof, snowproof and resistant to sunrays. It is IP66 certified.SecurityWhen using SOLO for the first time, an 8-digit numeric PIN code must be set. This PIN must be kept secret. PIN code holders are considered administrators of the device. It is possible to reset the PIN by performing a factory reset of SOLO. The SOLO administrator can invite other users to use an automation, without giving them the PIN code, using the sharing features offered by the app.The communication between SOLO and a smartphone is protected by latest-generation security algorithms based on public keys and end-to-end symmetric encryption with ephemeral keys. The communication between SOLO and an automation uses the same security algorithms as the copied remote control. Therefore the degree of security offered in this communication is the same as that of the remote control.Power supplySOLO is supplied with the batteries already fitted and it is already switched on.The batteries can be replaced when they are flat. SOLO keeps the copied remote controls and shared accesses in memory even when it is not energized. You can check the charge status of the batteries using the app. Pack contents1 SOLO device1 wall or pole fastening support2 wall fastening anchors with relative screws2 pole fastening clamps2 batteries (already fitted)Other detailsOperating distance: 15-20 meters Dimensions: 39x102x134mmWeight (batteries included): 350gEan: 8056772850260 SKU: SL2.STD. SCA