Sensotek - ST 800 Tower Fan

Sensotek - ST 800 Tower Fan
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Brand: Sensotek
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Fashionable and quiet solution for home ventilationThis tower fan from Sensotek ensures excellent ventilation in home and office as the summer season heat up the air. The ST 800 has three ventilation speeds and floating turning function. The high, slim design of the fan ensures a space-saving but still efficient ventilation of the room. The fan is black and is framed in one exclusive aluminum panel. Tilt FunctionThe fan also has tilt function, which allows you to more effectively direct the air into the room. The fan can be tilted backwards in two steps: 6 ° and 12 °. Blast ApplicationsWith three different blowing programs: normal, natural and night breeze, the fan can be used in several rooms for different purposes. If the fan is to be used in the bedroom, you can use the programs “night breeze” or “natural”. This is how the programs workNormal: The fan blows at a constant speed of your choiceNatural: The fan blows at varying speeds like a natural breeze. The maximum speed you chooseNight breeze: The fan increments the speed so that you do not get cold at night. If high speed is selected from the start, the speed is reduced to medium after one ½ hour and to low after another ½ hour.If the average speed is selected from the start, the speed is reduced to low after ½ hour. If low speed is selected from the start, the speed is not further reduced. With the timer function, you can set the fan to turn off automatically after 0.5-7.5 hours. On the discrete LED display, you can see your selected settings. A remote control is included which can be stored in a small room at the back of the fan. The remote uses 2 x AAA batteries and comes with exclusive batteries. dB (Decibel):Low level: 35-40 dBMedium level: 40-45 dBHigh level: 45-50 dBEUpowerplug