Rude Puzzle Book (22461)

Rude Puzzle Book (22461)
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Nerdy Only Connect types know that there’s nothing quite as stimulating as a good brain-teaser - and that goes double for this sexually charged lot! Prepare to engage the aubergine emoji area of your mind.This compendium of crude crosswords, wicked word-searches, dirty dot-to-dots and provocative puzzles will put the naughtiest corners of your filthy little brain to work. It’s surprisingly easy to solve this stuff when you’ve got a smutty vocabulary. It’s time to show up the clever clogses once and for all, with a little help from your sexual side.Maybe don’t whip this one out on the train, you might get some funny looks from the other commuters. Especially if there are kids about.This book puts the tease in brain-teasersA racy replacement for scrolling through your phone for hoursTrain your brain with these naughty puzzlesLoads of fun for people with a dirty imagination and a sense of humourNot one for your nan unless she’s a boss b*tch