Philips Hue - 2x Iris Table Lamp - Bundle

Philips Hue - 2x Iris Table Lamp - Bundle
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Brand: Philips
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Philips Hue - 2x Iris Table Lamp - BundleBe it the pure colours of daylight or the golden hues of Autumn forest, the Philips friends of hue Iris Clear extension kit lets you create your ideal mood lighting at home with your smartphone or devices. Colour your world with light.Wireless connectivityControl from your iOS and Android smart devicesAlways up to dateConnect up to 50 bulbs and lampsMatch your light to the momentCreate light settings based on your favourite pictureUse light to help you through your sleeping routineEnjoy dynamic light effects synced to your momentSet lights to turn on and off when you’re away from homeFits with every interior perfectlyFreedom of placement; blends seamlessly with your interiorsVary your ambience with coloured lightJust the right amount of light* Bridge not included*EU Power PlugEan: 8718291480310 / 915004318901