Philip Kingsley - No Scent No Colour Shampoo 250 ml

Philip Kingsley - No Scent No Colour Shampoo 250 ml
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Brand: Philip Kingsley
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Philip Kingsley originally created this shampoo for his wife whilst she was undergoing cancer treatment. The formula provides gentle, yet effective cleansing. We recommend following with No Scent No Colour ConditionerApplication:Apply to wet hairLather well with a gentle kneading of the scalpRinse and repeat if necessaryFollow with the appropriate Philip Kingsley conditioner and scalp tonerBenefits:Gentle and effective cleansing for sensitive scalpsSuitable for daily useSuitable for African-Caribbean, Coarse, Fine and Medium hairtypesPhilip KingsleyPhilip Kingsley’s main focus is having a scientific look on hair and scalp care, thus giving the people using the products the most efficient and best suited product for every hair and scalp type. Trichology is the scientific study of the hair and scalp, and Philip Kingsley is actively educating “Trichologists” which takes a holistic approach to hair and scalp treatment, where lifestyle, diet and general wellbeing affects how the hair looks and feels. Hair is an incredibly sensitive barometer of both the bodies’ internal and external environment. Philip Kingsley trichologists are concerned with treating and addressing both the medical and cosmetic side of the hair and scalp. This ranges from severe hair and scalp disorders, such as scarring alopecia and alopecia areata, to your hairs’ general condition, texture, health and appearance. This means that your hair will be well-cared for, while being fresh, clean and fabulous for a new day.