Mother Love - Make Me Feel Better Doll (1573)

Mother Love - Make Me Feel Better Doll (1573)
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Brand: Mother Love
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As “Doctor mom,” you’ll have to help your little patient get well with a bit of care and a whole lot of love. This doll lets little ones play Doctor as they try to figure out what is wrong with the baby and how to make her all better again. When the baby doll doesn’t feel well, her little heart will light up. Listen to her heart with the stethoscope, measure her blood pressure and try to figure out, what’s wrong! The baby doll will cry when you poke her with the needle so make sure to comfort her. Give her a bit of medicin to make her feel better.Press her hand and she will sneeze and her heart will light up. When the doll sneezes you can:Poke her with the needle and she’ll start cryingListen to her heart (right next to the glowing heart) with the stethoscopeGive her medicin and she will make eating noisesMeasure her blod pressure and make her fall asleep.38 cm doll with soft bodyRequiere: 3 x AA batteries (demo batteries included)Includes: doll, stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, needle and medicine bottle