Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - Mario Edition.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - Mario Edition.
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Brand: Nintendo
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Have you ever dreamed of what your living room would look like if it were a track in Mario Kart? Now you can make Mario Kart real with your very own Home Circuit. Mario Kart gets an AI twist where you can build your very own and unique course at home. The game works by giving you a physical Super Mario go-kart (a physical and remote controlled car) controlled via your Nintendo Switch. You build the course with physical checkpoints. When you are ready, Mario’s amazing universe is transferred to your living room and you can watch the effects, opponents, coins, power ups and more being brought to life through your Nintendo Switch. The go-kart is affected by both things in the game and the real world. The car stops, for example, if you hit an object in the game. If you drive into the dining table, Mario will also grumble on your screen. So you can turn your home into a racetrack and unfold Mario Kart directly on the living room floor. The remote-controlled car is equipped with a camera, so you can keep a sharp eye while maneuvering around with your Nintendo Switch. You will find that your home is suddenly filled with sand, water or anything else from Mario Kart! What’s in the box? 1 remote control Mario Kart (Super Mario) 4 checkpoints and 2 arrows to build the course USB charging cable