Hama - Speedshot Ultimate Mouse Keyboard Converter

Hama - Speedshot Ultimate Mouse Keyboard Converter
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Brand: Hama
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Allows you to play more quickly and precisely with your mouse and keyboard: provides great reactivity especially when playing ego shooter gamesEasy and simple plug & play thanks to optimized default settingThe supplied software CD gives you a perfect overview when setting the Speedshot converterThe complete gameplay can directly be adjusted on the Speedshot or via the supplied PC software81 different speed levels selectable for the mouse9 selectable sensitivity adjustments for optimum precise settings dependent on the mouse and gameAll buttons of the Dualshock 4 controller can be assigned as desired on the mouse and keyboardUp to 11 different button assignment profiles can be stored at the same timeThanks to the 11 freely programmable profiles, even games with different control can be played identicallyAdjustable turbo and auto fire function for quick, automatically repeated activation of a keyMany other optional settings possible (e.g. reversing the Y-axis of the mouse)With a sticker sheet for the keyboard keys (helps you find the key assignments) ,Important information for Xbox One players:Headsets cannot be used in in-game chat on the Xbox One but only in Skype chat.Patches or firmware updates for removing this restirction are unfortunately not possible.A Microsoft Xbox One wireless controller is required for operation.Important information for PS4 players:A Sony “Dualshock 4” wireless controller is required for operation.Important information for PS3 players:No additional controller is required for connection. Connection without controller directly at the PS3.Important information for Xbox 360 players:A wired Microsoft Xbox360 controller is required for operation.A wireless controller with charging kit cannot be used.