Cmiile - Water Flosser

Cmiile - Water Flosser
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Get control of oral hygiene with a water flosser from Cmiile, which is a perfect complement to dental floss.If you already have difficulty flossing, it may be a good idea to get a water flosser, which is also a perfect supplement to flossing. The water flosser removes bacteria, plaque and mattresses that are on the teeth where the toothbrush has difficulty reaching. Cmiile’s Water Flosser also reduces the risk of gingivitis by removing bacteria and food debris that sits between the teeth, in the gum line and deep down in the gum pockets, where your toothbrush is difficult to reach. Therefore, the water flosser is also particularly suitable for use with dental implants, braces and bridges, and in general anyone who wants to get better oral hygiene.Cmiile’s Water Flosser makes it much easier and faster to get healthy oral hygiene. Cmiile’s Water Flosser makes it possible to remove plaque, bacteria and food debris in the deep gum pockets to prevent the formation of holes.Application:Charge it 4 hours the first time before useSet the beam at a natural angle to the gum lineClose your mouth lightly, but let the water run freely from your mouth into the sinkStart with the cheek teeth and work quietly towards the front teethPlace the tip so close to the teeth that the brush gently touches the teethGently guide the tip along the gum line with short pauses to brush gently and let the water filter between the teethRepeat until all areas between the teeth have been cleanedAdvantage:Perfect alternative to dental flossEffective for cleaning spaces, implants, crowns, bridges and hangersHelps maintain healthy oral hygienePrevents periodontitisRemoves bacteria and plaque between the teethCleans teeth where the toothbrush cannot reachCapacity: 240 ml, wirelessComfortable handleRechargeable battery3 tips in different sizes and tongue scraper