Carrera - Nintendo RC Car - Mario Kart Bumble V - Yoshi (370181065)

Carrera - Nintendo RC Car - Mario Kart Bumble V - Yoshi (370181065)
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Brand: Carrera
49 GBP
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Listen who’s humming!In the brand new Carrera RC Mario Kart Bumble V you can zoom around the corner with Yoshi and proudly show his newest vehicle in a stylish Hummel look. The Brummer on a scale of 1:18 accelerates up to 9 km / h in the children’s room and is therefore perfect for little Mario Kart fans from 6 years of age. Its headlights always ensure perfect visibility. You and Yoshi can explore the area for up to 20 minutes on one battery charge. Yoshi is always ready to go. It takes some running or exploring before he has to stop at the nearest flower or USB socket for 50 minutes to charge. Front headlights make Yoshi and his mobile bumblebee the ideal companion when it is dark. The practical auto-off function ensures that the batteries are conserved and the model switches off automatically after 30 minutes of non-use. Yoshi thus has the opportunity to save valuable energy for the adventures ahead.Yoshi and his friendsEveryone knows Mario Kart, whether on Nintendo or other consoles, many have played Mario Kart or at least heard of it. Our new Bumble V Yoshi is exactly the right thing for everyone and for those who are interested. Turn your living room into a Mario Kart track or find your own track outside the house. The typical design of Yoshis and its eye-catching mobile pedestal guarantee driving fun supported by clever technology. This is how your dream of Mario Kart will come true. Our Yoshi is best suited for children and guarantees real driving fun. Can you win the race against all of his friends with Yoshi? Or is the competition too strong? Yoshi is ready to go!