Beurer - WL 75 Wake-Up light - 3 Years Warranty

Beurer - WL 75 Wake-Up light - 3 Years Warranty
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Brand: Beurer
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Beurer WL 75 is a super smart wake-up lamp, with Mood Light and full 256 color shades. It helps you both wake up in the morning, but also to fall asleep more easily. With the corresponding Beurer LightUp app, you can adjust the brightness and color shades as desired. It can be set to simulate sunrise when you wake up and sunset when you want to sleep. A slowly increasing brightness wakes you naturally. A red and soothing red light mimics a sunset that increases the production of melatonin, so the body relaxes more.Supports falling asleep thanks to simulation of natural sunset or through relaxing red light and calming fall asleep tunes (with timer)Helps waking up more easily thanks to gentle sunrise simulation and vitalizing tunes or radioConvenient and easy to use also via “beurer LightUp” appSimulated colour sunrise and sunsetChoose between, radio, alarm tone and wake-up melodies and 4 fall asleep melodies2 alarm times10 radio memory spacesBlue Backlight, manual brightness adjustmentSnooze function 1-30 min.Also for use as a reading lampAdjustable light intensity (via App)Light intensity of 2000 Lux (at a distance of approx. 15 cm)Mood light with change of colours and customised color setting (256 nuances)Compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 with Bluetooth® 4.0Possibility to charge smartphones via USB connectionSeparate sleep-corner in “beurer LightUp” appIncl. AUX cableIncl. mains adapter