Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 8GB - Waterproof eBook Reader

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 8GB - Waterproof eBook Reader
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Brand: Amazon
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If you love reading e-books but get sore eyes using your phone or tablet, then you should consider a Kindle e-book reader from Amazon.A Kindle is the perfect way to enjoy an e-book. Kindle Paperwhite was created in a very thin and light design, and is now also waterproof, so you can read your favorite books by the pool or the beach, and not worry, that your Kindle might get splashed by water. It feels like reading on printed paper, and even if it is hit by direct sunlight due to a glare-free 300 ppi display, print quality text and built-in reading light.You can connect your Kindle to Audible over Bluetooth so you can switch between reading and listening to the book. On a single charge, you can use your Kindle for several weeks, and with a selection of over 5.5 million books, it should be obvious that you should own a Kindle.Information about Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 8gb waterproof e-book reader:6 “E-ink Touch screenScreen resolution: 300ppi (Glare free)8GB (space for approx. 3000 e-books)Wi-Fi connectionWaterproof - PX8 - down to 2 meters for 60 minutesThe battery lasts for several weeks on a single chargeWeight: 182 grams