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Electric Bikes Increasing In Popularity

3 Ways To Diagnose Whether You Have The Right Bike Battery Charger

  1. Never fully charging. Change your charger if regardless of how long your bike is plugged, it doesn’t fully charge.
  2. Not charging. If you plug it and it doesn’t work, you need a new charger.
  3. Shorter usage. You should change your charger if even after you fully charge your battery, you still don’t get as many hours of usage as you should.

Troubleshooting these early means you can save your bike from experiencing more issues by purchasing the right battery charger.

bike battery chargers

Electric Bike Chargers - For When You Can't Cycle

Electric bikes offer the best of both worlds. If you’d like to have a workout, you can pedal your way around. When you’re in a hurry, and you don’t want to arrive at your destination all sweaty, you can turn on the throttle and have the motor do the work for you. But for you to have the latter as an option, battery chargers for bikes have to be used.

When you make your cycle purchase, it’ll come with a cycle battery charger included. However, you may need to buy an electric bike charger or motorcycle charger for any number of reasons, considering not everyone has an electric bike, you can’t say you’ll borrow a charger when the power on yours runs out. But how do you go about purchasing a new one? For starters, you’ll need to know

  • The make and model of your electric bike.
  • Its battery’s voltage range.
  • The shape of the charging port
Bike Battery Chargers

Narrow down potential chargers for your bike by looking at these 3 factors,

  1. Make and model – these are normally indicated on the bike’s frame.
  2. Voltage range – you’ll see this imprinted on the battery case.
  3. The charging port is where you plug your charger. So you’ll know how your charger plug should look.

Another alternative to help you make your purchase more easily is checking the manual. It’ll have all the charger specifications, making it easier for you to buy a compatible one. If your bike is second-hand try looking at the manufacturers specs online. Or check it out with us.

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