A Quick Guide To Coin Cell Batteries

  • 21 Feb, 2022

We all seem to have a great understanding of the distinctive features of alkaline batteries. However, understanding the balderdash written on these batteries can be cumbersome when it comes to our lithium and coin cell batteries. This guide will help you understand the inscriptions on these batteries - often a code that starts with two letters followed by three or four numbers.

A perfect example is the CR2032 coin cells. The first two letters indicate the type and shape of the battery; in this case, lithium. The numbers that follow show the batteries' dimensions. This naming convention was introduced by the International Electrochemical Commission (IEC).

Features Of Coin Cell Batteries

Most lithium batteries come in the form of coin cells. However, coin cell batteries can also be alkaline, manganese, air, or zinc. Non-lithium cell batteries are 1.5V, while lithium cells are 3V. The most common coin cell batteries are the CR2032 and CR2016 coin cells.

These batteries are symbolic of a coin cell battery; small, inexpensive, with a pretty long shelf life. They are also stackable to achieve higher voltages. Unfortunately, they cannot be recharged, require unique holders, and have a low current draw capacity.

Coin Cell Batteries Symbols & Meaning

Besides the already explained C symbol, here is a brief guide to the meaning of the first letters commonly found on coin cells batteries.

  • B - Carbon monoflouride and lithium
  • G - Copper oxide and lithium
  • L - Manganese dioxide and zinc
  • M or N - Zinc and mercuric oxide
  • P - Oxygen and Zinc (Commonly referred to as zinc air batteries)

Choosing The Right Coin Cell Battery For Your Device

Factors to consider when deciding on the best coin cell batteries for your device include the type, voltage, price, capacity, service life and most importantly, device specifications. The inscriptions on the coin cells battery always give insight into the type of battery being bought.

For example, CR2032, the most popular cell battery simply stands for lithium batteries measuring 20 x 3.2 mm. Also, ensure that the battery purchased meets the voltage needs and budget. Lithium cell is currently the most inexpensive coin cells battery. However, their non-reusable nature is a huge drawback.