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Portable Power Technology Sensitive Relay

In need of a smart battery charger in the UK? Try checking out Maplin’s assortment. Based in the UK and Ireland, it operates on an online platform where you can shop for unique battery chargers that meet your device’s needs. Whether you’re on a 40 hours a week schedule, a hike or want to give your car a jolt, a battery charger is essential to keep you powered.

What Type Of Battery Charger Can I Get At Maplin?

The Infapower Home Battery Charger is a handy gadget for your AA or AAA batteries. With this device, you can charge two to four AA or AAAs between 5 to 9 hours—depending on the amperage of your battery. Plus, it has a manual charge control and goes for £7.49. A bonus is that it can charge any make of rechargeable battery. The Portable Power Technology charges two separate battery banks from a single power source. Also, it has an automatic control unit that prevents overcharging and costs £36.49.