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Battery Chargers UK – Argos

Searching for a trusted battery charger shop in the UK? Why not check out Argos? This esteemed shop offers a wide choice of battery chargers to meet your nifty gadgets’ needs. Operating in both the UK and Ireland, it has 883 shops plus a one-stop online shopping platform. From avid gamers, hikers to business owners, a battery charger is a necessity to keep you powered on the go.


Argos Battery Chargers – Bringing Extra Convenience To You

Argo offers an assortment of unique battery chargers. The Vax ONEPWR Charger is one of them. This unique device is capable of charging an ONEPWR battery in under three hours. Plus, the LCD screen enables you to track the status of your battery while it’s charging. It has over-charge protection properties and retails at £29.99. The GoPro Dual Bat Charger charges batteries in pairs via USB ports. This device is handy among photographers and costs £49.99.