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Solar Battery charger blog

Are Solar Battery Chargers Any Use In The UK?

In need of an off-grid charger that’ll ensure your online presence? Well, wonder no more and bid farewell to erractic mobile battery tendencies. Our research found a remarkable gadget, the solar battery charger. It utilises the power of the sun to keep you powered up on the go! Some popular solar chargers are the,

  • Solar Monkey Adventurer
  • Voltaic Off-Grid 6W Solar Backpack
  • Freeloader Pro
  • Poweradd Apollo 2
  • SunJack 14W
  • Voltaic Systems 4.0¬†

Why are these battery chargers gaining popularity in the UK?” The reason is the device enables people to stay in charge wherever they are. Be it an expedition, cycling, camping or jogging activity, you will more than likely need your camera battery charger to hand. Moreover, we found some great benefits that make the solar cellphone charger an asset.

  • Small and portable due to being lightweight.
  • Works in both bright sunshine and overcast weather conditions.
  • Requires no manual power.
  • Free and adequate power.
  • Presence of small internal batteries that are chargeable

Its demerits include, prolonged charging time in overcast weather conditions. A lengthy charging time but these are e minimal limitations, these are certainly reputable devices and well-worth considering.

Solar Battery charger blog
The Solar Monkey Adventurer has an internal battery that charges your device. Strapping a solar panel to your backpack enables it to tap on the available sunshine when you’re on the move. A useful solar battery charger, its internal batteries reach a full charge in 8 to 10 hours. And what of the Freeloader Pro? With a sleek design, this gadget’s internal batteries charge within 7 hours of sunshine. That gives you 70 hours of standby time for your phone!

What Alternative Battery Chargers Are Available?

Alternative battery chargers are also available in the market. Plus, they serve the same purpose as the eco-friendly solar battery chargers. Some of the notable alternative chargers are the

  • Crank-powered chargers
  • Kinetic-powered chargers
  • Thermo-powered chargers
  • Water-powered chargers
  • Old-school battery power

Crank-powered chargers use the human body as the primary. source of power. Examples are

  • CrankMonkey¬†
  • Eton BoostTurbine 2000
  • SOSCharger
  • Tigra Sport Bike Charge Dynamo
Solar Battery charger blog

Bicycle-Powered Battery Chargers

Cycling enthusiasts will love the Tigra Sport Bike Battery Charge Dynamo. With an easy installation manual, you attach it to the front wheel (the most spoked wheel) of your bicycle. Your pedal power provides the energy to charge the in-built battery. As such, you can keep track of your health stats on the power-hungry apps on your phone! Its superiority is due to some benefits. It is portable and capable of working anywhere without an extra kit. Kinetic-powered chargers use the energy your body burns when doing a physical exercise. Ampy, a popular alternative battery charger, has an internal battery and two inductors. They transform your swift movements into power which is then added to your battery. With a ready source of energy, you are always online while on the move.

Solar Battery charger blog

Thermo-Powered Battery Chargers

Can the thermo-powered charger melt away your phone-charging anxieties? Why not? This alternative battery charger comes in handy when heading out for a camping trip. Power Pot 5 is a famous thermo-powered charger. It charges your phone by changing the heat to energy. But it requires two elements. One is a heat source to supply heat such as a campfire. The other is filling it with either food or water to enable it to operate. A water-powered charger, like the solar battery charger, uses a natural-occurring resource (water). They have a unique set of pods. Filling them with water activates the battery cells to produce power. A key benefit is that the gadget cannot discharge energy when not in use.